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A fully functional copy of the programs IT! and BIF, along with user documentation, is available in two formats: compressed ZIP and a self-extracting ZIP. These are the actual programs used to generate the illustrations accompanying this tutorial. The programs are available only for DOS-compatible machines and require 640x480x16 VGA displays. Both programs and documentation are contained in a single .ZIP file. If you have any difficulty downloading the file, please contact me at the address below.

After downloading, copy the file into a separate directory. At the DOS prompt, type FRED if you have the self-extracting file, or use PKUNZIP to un-compress the file FRED.ZIP.

Author's Plea! - Yes, I know I said its free - and it is - but once you have tried this software, your donation of any amount will encourage me to continue the development of this series. Please send contributions to:
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